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What's On?

Swimming Lessons

Hilltop School, Frindsbury -

Monday 6-7:30pm, Tuesday 4:00-5:30pm, Wednesday 10:30am & 7-8pm, Thursday 5-7pm & Friday 9:30am, 4:30-7pm,

Sundays 9 am - 11.30am

Adults Only Lessons - Thursday Hilltop 7-8pm


Sir Joseph Williams Mathematical School, Rochester -

Wednesday 4 - 6pm, Thursday 4 - 6.30pm

Swim times are allocated by H20 within the specified time slots at each session.

For more information please see Swimming 
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At H20 we pride ourselves on teaching all ages and abilities to swim whilst learning the importance of water safety. 


We offer lessons for all ages for both children and adults and much more.  Our teachers are enthusiastic, caring and we have a fun, safe approach to all lessons. 


Please view our site for Swimming Page for more information or please Contact Us for more details. 

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