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H20 Gym Membership & Fitness Classes

We welcome all newcomers to join us for gym membership at the Maths School, Maidstone Road, Rochester.

We have an amazing fee of £12 per month (collected by SO) for unlimited use within our opening hours.  We offer a personal touch with a qualified instructor to assist you and answer questions you may have.  In addition, for which additional costs will apply, we are able to provide PT sessions, nutritional plans & guidance and much much more. 


A full induction will be provided by H20 to ensure you fully understand the workings and physical benefits of the equipment and weights available and what is best to suit your workout needs. A one-off cost for inductions does apply.

Gym Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 5pm to 9pm

Saturday to Sunday 8am to 12pm

Please contact us today by email to for more information and to book your gym induction.

We hope to see you there !!


Outside of our memberships, fitness classes are £5 per session.   


Alternatively, Fitness Class Only Memberships are £18 per month and Dual Gym/Class Membership is £24 per month allowing unlimited entry into the Fitness Classes available.


Boxercise 7pm to 7:45pm

Pilates 7:45pm to 8:30pm

(£5 each or £8 to attend both sessions)


Circuits / HIIT 7-8pm



Bootcamp 7-8pm


Saturdays -

Bootcamp 9:30 - 10:30am

Coming Soon

Mondays - Dance Fit 7 - 8pm

To enquire please email

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