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Due to new restrictions with regards to COVID-19 restrictions, please read carefully in particular the details in the first paragraph regarding the changes that are needed to be put into place to ensure a safe environment for swimmers to continue:



   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, H20 Swim Fitness are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our staff,         

   swimmers and accompanying adults.  We have put into place the following additional practices;

  • Upon every attendance of lessons, all swimmers will have their temperature taken on entrance to the pool premises. Should a swimmer record a high temperature they will not be allowed to enter the premises and must return home and we would recommend that as good practice parents contact NHS 111 for additional guidance

  • Swimmers will be required to sanitise their hands on entering and exiting the pool premises.

  • A child and/or accompanying adult must NOT attend any of our sessions if showing any of the symptons for COVID-19.  Should anyone who has attended lessons (both swimmers & adults or anyone from their household) later show symptoms of COVID-19, they must contact H20 Swim Fitness ltd to enable the track and trace scheme for wider testing to be carried out where appropriate.

  • Swimmers and accompanying adults MUST abide by the one way systems and all additional practices put into place to ensure safety of all.

  • Swimmers are expected to listen carefully to instructions and present themselves in a manner suitable to the current situation with COVID-19. Failure for swimmers to abide by rules may result in them being removed from sessions.

  • Under government guidance and that of Swim England, teachers can be in the water with swimmers to assist our younger / less capable swimmers during lessons.  For our more capable swimmers, teachers will continue to  be vigilant, as always, from the pool edge and will use an assistance stick if necessary to assist swimmers to the pool edge, whilst still ensuring social distancing measures. The parent/accompanying adult must authorise in advance, that in the current circumstances, they are happy for a member of H20 Swim Fitness to be in the water (where necessary) and assist their child which may result in reduced social distancing.

  • Only one parent must accompany swimmers to lessons.

  • All swimmers and parents are expected to play their part to ensuring this for all h20 members and staff: 


  • We run in 3 full terms:

    • September to December

    • January to March / April

    • April to July

  • We have 1 week break for half terms and break fully for Christmas, Easter and Summer. 

  • Term dates are in line with local schools.


  • We provide a term booking and balance payment system. 

  • 3-4 weeks before the end of the current term, details for the next term are issued including term dates and total fees. 

  • To secure places for the next term a £40 booking payment per child is required.

  • The booking payment is non-refundable.

  • In cases such as the long term closure of pool lettings, pandemics, and any other reasons why H20 cannot operate a normal service, booking fees will be rolled over for a period of 2 terms for the return to lessons.  After this time the booking fee will be forfeited by the payee in line with our non-refundable terms above.

  • The FINAL deadline for booking payments will be detailed in the new term email.

  • Failure to secure places by the final deadline with the £40 booking payment, WILL result in your child’s place being offered to someone on the waiting list for the new term.

  • Balance of fees (minus the £40 booking fee) are required at the start of the new term.  Fees can be paid prior to or at the first session of the new term.

  • Payments can be made by cash, cheque (made payable to H20 Swim Fitness Ltd) or bank transfer.

  • Once a swimmer starts a term i.e. attends the first session, the FULL term is required to be paid for.




  • We do not offer a refund for missed sessions due to absence / holidays / illnesses or any circumstances outside of our control.

  • If your child suffers a significant injury (broken limb / hospitalisation) which means they cannot be in the pool for more than a 4 week period please discuss this with us.

  • Where a session is cancelled by H20 Swim Fitness Ltd due to an issue on site, in the first instance, we will do our best to make up for this session by offering an alternative session and/or venue to attend or by extending lessons in the same term.  Where an alternative has been offered their will not be monetary refund.

  • Where a session is cancelled due to weather conditions, environmental issues, etc a refund will NOT be provided.





  • Swimmers are continuously monitored throughout the term to ensure continual progress.

  • Where swimmers improve significantly, they will be moved group mid-term.

  • At the end of each full term, a written assessment is provided to parents to give an indication of their child’s progress.

  • Please be mindful that all children learn at their own rate and at times have their own fears or concerns to overcome. The age of a child is not an indication of their swimming ability. 

  • We group and teach all swimmers based on their own ability.

  • When a swimmers passes stage we may recommend it appropriate for them to move to another session, venue and/or time.  This will be discussed with parents.




  • We follow the Swim England awards scheme (previously ASA).

  • For details of the different awards and stages please see the Swim England Information section on our website.

  • For completed stages, distances, etc certificates & fabric badges can be purchased from us at a cost of £3 per set.


  • The pool is accessed from the public footpath through a gate to the right of the main school building. Following the path up and behind the school, the pool is situated in an out building.

  • Parking is limited around the Hilltop area, so please leave time to allow for parking.

  • Parking is roadside at all times and the school car park is available at the following sessions and times:

    • Mondays - open for full session 6-8pm

    • Wednesday AM – roadside only parking

    • Wednesday PM  - open for full session 7-8pm

    • Fridays - open from 4:45pm.  For prior sessions it is roadside only parking

  • Please be considerate to the neighbouring area when parking.

  • Parents are not allowed on poolside to view lessons.  This is a letting rule made by the school for Health & Safety reasons.

  • At no time must a parent access the pool area unless invited to by a member of H20 staff.

  • Viewing can be made from the window in the reception area.

  • A member of H20 staff will see children onto and from poolside before and after lessons.



  • To access the pool, follow the long drive until you can see the main school building.

  • All parents MUST use the Visitors parking area to the left as you come to the end of the drive.

  • On parking, by foot go under the archway and follow the path round with the building on your right.  Walk down the walled path way and under the next archway and the pool is then situated in an out building on your left hand side, last door.

  • Parents are able to be poolside, but MUST remain at the deep end so as not to interfere with lessons.

  • Outdoor shoes MUST be removed before entering the pool area or overshoes worn.

  • Please be considerate to residing pupils who may be near the pool or surrounding areas.


  • Parking must be in designated areas and care given when driving on school premises

  • Parents can view from the poolside gallery but MUST remain behind the bar area and not approach the poolside




The information below is a summary of the information and rules set out in the H20 Code of Conduct policies.

Please ensure you and your child(ren) have read and understand the details included in the CoC for both children and parents/carers.

  • H20 communicate all term information by email.  For quick communications we will also update our Facebook group and page. 

  • It is parents responsibility to ensure all personal and medical information provided to us is up to date.

  • To update any information please complete the forms on our website under the H20 Forms section.

  • Where younger children need assistance in going to the toilet, we ask that parents remain on site during lessons in case they are needed.

  • For older children, especially those swimming for an hour or more, you are welcome to leave swimmers with us once they have gone through to the pool, please just let us know if you are leaving the site.

  • Any buoyancy aids required for lessons are provided by us.

  • All swimmers should have goggles for lessons.  Swimming hats are not compulsory but can be worn by choice.

  • No balls are allowed at any site.

  • We expect all h20 members, both swimmers and parents/guardians to respect both H20 staff , property and venues that we swim at. 

  • We do not tolerate any bullying, unkindness, rudeness or poor behaviour from swimmers or parents. 

  • We will speak to parents if their child is not behaving in an appropriate manner and do reserve the right to remove children from the pool should this behaviour be continual.

  • The safety and welfare of our swimmers and parents is of our upmost concern. If you have any concerns this must be reported to H20 welfare officer Gemma Seymour. Please email

  • It is parents responsibility to ensure that they and their child have read and understood the relevant Code of Conduct policies. By signing this agreement, they are agreeing that they have read and understand the conduct policies: See H20 Policies for Code of Conducts for both Children and Parents/Carers.

  • It is the parents responsibility to read and understand the H20 Data Protection Policy



  • We provide an activities club during the school holidays.

  • The club is held at the Sir Joseph Williamsons Mathematical School, Maidstone Road, Rochester, ME1 3EL.

  • 8:45am to 3:30pm

  • The club consists of 2 separate 1 hour sessions in the swimming pool (AM & PM)

  • In addition, there are a number of activities throughout the day such as football, bench ball, basketball, hula, lego, drawing, stickers and much more.

  • Sessions are £20 per day or £50 for 3 sessions.

  • Sessions are open to children from 4 years onwards and to both H20 and non-H20 members.

  • Emails are sent closer to the holiday periods with full details to all our H20 Swimmers, the Facebook group and website will be updated and posters added to the notice board at Hilltop containing further information.

e.g. 01/10/2011

e.g. 1 The Street, Strood ME0 0YY

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