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Parent & Child Sessions

Our Parent & Child Sessions are a great way to introduce children to the water whilst parents are able to join them in the experience.  The lessons promote water confidence and use mainly play to help children get used to the water, splashing and not having concerns for having water on their faces, whilst learning basis swimming techniques such as blowing bubbles, arm movements, etc.  These sessions are also a great introduction to when they can eventually move into unassisted lessons i.e. without parent participation, from the age of 3 years.

The session is fully teacher led and is a fun way to enjoy the water with your children.

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Venues & Times

All at Hilltop Pool 

Wednesday - 10:30am 

Friday -  9:30am

Sunday - 9am

Sessions are for 30 minutes on a weekly basis, school term times only.

Lesson Fees

£9.40 Parent & Child Session

Fees quoted are per session.

Fees are required to be paid by term in full, regardless of absence.

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