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H20 Member Information Form

All information provided is treated with the utmost confidence and only shared with those members of h20 to whom it is necessary to know. 

All information is held securely and we appreciate that any medical information will be updated by parents should the need arise.

Data is NOT shared with any third party companies.


Due to GDPR regulations, please indicate below that you are happy for us to communicate with you using the information provided and by means of email, text or telephone for swimming lessons and other activities provided by H20 Swim Fitness Ltd.


In the current situation with COVID-19, it may be necessary during lessons, for H20 staff to be in closer proximity than the current suggested social distancing rules. By completing the next field, please indicate that you understand, agree & authorise to the reduction of social distancing where necessary. during swimming lessons / dryside activities including the gym.  This also includes the need to enter the water and assist should a swimmer get into difficulty during their lessons or in providing emergency first aid in any circumstance.  All necessary actions such as regular santising, mask/shield wearing will be taken by H20 staff where appropriate.


At H20, during swimming lessons, activities clubs and all activities or events we organise or are invited to, photographs and videos may be taken of swimmers / participants.  Both photos and videos may be used for the purpose of teaching, they may also be used for display on social media, websites, advertisements, media, noticeboards, etc. This section gives parents / carers the opportunity to consent or decline to the taking of photographs or videos of their child during any of H20 sessions / activities. In consenting or declining, you are doing so for ALL eventualities for which they may be used: