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Terms & Conditions for H20 Activities Club Participants

Please read all of the information below and then sign the form to say that you have read, understand and agree to our terms prior to your child attending and participating at the H20 Swim Fitness ltd Activities Club:


Due to the changes in regulations by the Government, we are too reducing our restrictions inline with the government guidance.  Although now learning to live with COVID, it is still a contagious virus, so we will still be encouraging the following:

  • Hand Sanitiser is available and all participants will be encouraged to use this throughout the day.

  • A child and/or accompanying adult must NOT attend any of our sessions if showing any of the symptoms for COVID-19.  The current guidelines state that the main symptoms of COVID are a recent onset of any of the following

    • a new continuous cough​

    • a high temperature

    • a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste of smell (anosmia)

  • Should your child present any of the above we would recommend carrying out a lateral flow test as minimum and then should you be presented with a positive test result, checking the latest government guidelines for the recommended procedures to follow with regards to isolation, etc.

  • All participants and parents are expected to play their part to ensuring the safety for all h20 members and staff and reducing the risk of spreading of COVID.


  • Parents / carers will receive an invoice detailing the day(s) the participants has booked to attend the activities club and therefore the total fees due.  All fees MUST be paid PRIOR to attendance by bank transfer, details for which are at the bottom of the invoice.

  • Failure to make payment prior to attendance may result in participants being refused entry.




  • We do not offer refunds for sessions booked and not attended.  We will do our best to change dates (with notice) for participants should the original dates booked become inconvenient, but due to demand and the nature of the sessions this is not always possible and therefore should a participant not attend then you will forfeit the session.

  • Should the Activities Club have to be closed, a full refund will be given to participants for the sessions participants cannot attend.

  • In the unlikely event that a participant is refused entry to the Activities Club due to bad behaviour a refund will NOT be given.



  • When arriving, with the school building on your right, take the first entrance (not the main school entrance) by the colourful 'Da Vinci 'building.  As you come on to site, take the immediate left through the gates and follow the road round to the playground area where you can park for drop off and pick-up.

  • Parking must be in designated areas and care given when driving on school premises.

  • Participants will be greeted by H20 Staff and access the venue through a one way entrance into the Sports Hall.  They will exit from the same hall at the end of the day having retrieved their belongings after their afternoon swim session. H20 staff will only allow participants to return to adults they have been notified will be collecting them.


  • H20 communicate all term information by email.  For quick communications we will also update our Facebook group and page so please ensure to join our social media pages where possible. 

  • It is parents responsibility to ensure all personal and medical information provided to us is up to date.

  • Participants must be provided with their own lunch, snacks and suitable drinks for the duration of the day.

  • To update any information please notify H20 of the changes necessary and complete the form again under the H20 Forms section.

  • All equipment necessary for the Activities Club is provided by H20 Swim Fitness Ltd, including flotation aids for the pool sessions. 

  • Participants must NOT bring any phones, laptops, ipads, ipods, airpods or headphones etc to the Activities Club. 

    • Should it be necessary for contact to be made with parents/contacts H20 staff will make the necessary calls. 

    • We run a strict photograph policy and therefore are unable to manage this with the use on uncontrolled phones etc. 

    • We can also not except any responsibility for the loss or damage of any technological devices -  They are better left at home. 

    • Devices will be confiscated until the end of the day should participants have them in possession.

  • All swimmers should have goggles for pool sessions.  Swimming hats are not compulsory but can be worn by choice.

  • We expect all h20 members, both participants and parents/guardians to respect both H20 staff , property and venues at all times. 

  • We do not tolerate any bullying, unkindness, rudeness or poor behaviour from participants.

  • We will speak to parents if their child is not behaving in an appropriate manner and do reserve the right to refuse access to participants should this behaviour be continual.

  • The safety and welfare of our swimmers and parents is of our upmost concern. If you have any concerns this must be reported to H20 welfare officer Gemma Seymour. Please email

  • It is parents responsibility to ensure that they and their child(ren) have read and understood these terms and conditions prior to attendance at the Activities Club.

  • It is the parents responsibility to read and understand the H20 Data Protection Policy


Having read the above, if you are happy with the Terms and Conditions, please complete the fields below and select the 'I Agree' button.

Thank you, your agreement to our terms & conditions has been sent to H20 Swim Fitness Ltd.

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