Venues & Times


Hilltop School - 6pm to 8pm

    Adults Only - 8pm to 9pm

Cobham Hall School - 7pm to 8:30pm


Hilltop School - 4:30pm to 5:30pm


Hilltop School - 11am to 12pm

Hilltop School - 7pm to 8pm

Mathematical School - 4pm to 5pm


Mathematical School - 4:15 to 6:15pm

Hilltop School - 5:15 to 6:45pm

Hilltop School - 7:15pm Autism Friendly Lessons


Hilltop School - 4:30pm to 7pm


Cobham Hall School - 1pm to 2pm

Lesson Fees

£7.00     Parent & Child Lesson

£7.50     30 Minute Group Lesson

£8.00     45 Minute Autism Friendly Lesson

£10.00   1 Hour Group Lesson

£10.00   Rookies Lifeguard - 1 Hour

£12.50   1 Hour 30 Minute Session


£15.00   30 Minute 1-1 Lesson

£30.00   1 Hour 1-1 Lesson

£20.00   30 Minute 2-1 Lesson

£7.00     Masters

£10.00   1 hour Adult Lesson

Fees quoted are per session.

Fees are required to be paid by term in full, regardless of absence.

For more information on the above sessions, please select the link below:

What Our Lessons Offer?

H20 Swim Fitness Ltd offer group lessons for children from 3 years and above and pride ourselves on offering lessons in small groups.  Group lessons are for half hour allocated within the session times shown above.

For further information on the different sessions and what these offer, please click here.

Half hour is allocated for lessons within the sessions displayed.  For more established swimmers, hour lessons are available.