H20 Photographic Consent Form

H20 Swim Fitness Ltd may wish to take photographs of individuals and groups of swimmers under the age of 18 that may include your child during their membership of H20.  All photographers will be taken and published in line with the ASA Photography Policy.


H20 Swim Fitness Ltd requires parental consent to take and use all photographs or videos.

Parents have a right to refuse agreement to their child being photographed.

As the parent of a H20 Swimmer, please complete the form below to consent or refuse permission of photography in relation to the different uses of any photos taken.

Please note: you can withdraw your consent in writing to h20swim@outlook.com at anytime should you wish to.

By submitting this form you are authorising the entries you have made above.

Please enter your child's name and then in the options below enter 'Consent' or 'Refuse'

Photographs & Videos to use on H20 Website  / Social Media

This is inclusive of photographs & videos being taken and used on this website and our social media pages such as our closed Facebook Group and Facebook Page.

Photographs to use on Notice Boards / Advertising Purposes

 Photos may be used for information and advertising purposes displayed on notice boards at our lesson locations and in local schools. We may also use some photos in leaflets / Posters for advertising purposes distributed in the local area.

Photos & Videos by external  professional photographer 

A professional photographer (approved by H20) who would take photographs of swimmers at in competitions, galas, meets , club events, which may be used in local newspapers or for News Broadcasts